laser | c-matrix – heavy-duty and extremely sturdy

The c-matrix series is a heavy-duty and extremely sturdy machine concept developed by cericom. The machine underframe is made from heavy steel constructions with milled guideways.

We offer the machine table in closed or open construction, depending on the main application. Wherever glass is to be processed in a horizontal orientation this is the ideal solution. The c-matrix systems can be supplied as a hybrid or single laser version.

You can therefore either engrave the sub-surface with a solid state laser or process the surface using a CO2 laser or if you have the hybrid system you can carry out both applications on one and the same machine thanks to the provision of 2 laser beam sources.

We make the c-matrix system in various sizes and configurations. We would be pleased to send you a no obligation quote with technical details and prices.

For glass processing in horizontal orientation