c-professional – fully automatically

With the c-professional we offer you a tried and tested system for processing small to large crystal and glass objects. The c-professional is very accessible because of its open construction.

Thanks to the programmable multimode operation large quantities can be engraved fully automatically.

So you can leave the c-professional to work by itself without any personnel for many hours or even overnight or at weekends

On the generously-sized, solid aluminium table of the c-professional there is also space for large glass formats such as glass table tops or glass signs.

Technical Data

Red area: max. engraving area
Width: 750 mm / 29.51 inch
Length: 1600 mm / 62.99 inch
Height: 175 mm / 6.88 inch

Grey area: max. Size of Glas
Width: 850 mm / 33.45 inch
Length: 1600 mm / 62.99 inch
Height: 200 mm / 7.87 inch

Laser class IV (safety goggles required)

Laserklasse IV (Schutzbrille erforderlich)


Engraving large quantities fully automatically