3D Software Crystalab Pro

The powerful and easy-to-use cericom software crystalab pro allows you to create high-resolution grayscale images in 2 and 3 dimensions. The grayscales are realized via intelligent dither algorithms as well as a multilayer technology specially developed by cericom. The quality of the glass images generated in this way is breathtaking. The motives appear vivid and realistic.

Produce 3D glass photos, 3D portraits in crystal/glass cubes with cericom's 3D laser systems. Laser systems for 3D laser engraving inside for individual promotional items. cericom is your partner for 3D laser, laser engraving and complete laser systems.

Even the finest image details are preserved during this conversion process. But even simple geometric designs without grayscale can be transformed into detailed glass images with crystalab pro.

3D surface model

Editing the point cloud in crytalab pro

Preview of the finished point cloud

The crystalab pro software allows you to process detailed high-resolution images and graphics at breathtaking speed. The preview function allows you to visualize the image realistically before producing it as a glass picture.

Preview images with integrated 3D viewer function can be easily sent by e-mail to your customers, who can then view and check the motive rotatably on the screen before you then burn it into the crystal glass with your laser.

Insight into the unique software for point cloud generation

At a glance:

  • Powerful software that generates crystal images in highest quality
  • Available as 32bit and 64bit version
  • Runs stand-alone under Windows and independent of any host software
  • Import of common 3D and 2D file formats and VRML data
  • Real conversion of textures, shadows and scene settings
  • Undercuts do not lead to shading (manually selectable)
  • Point densities can be set separately for geometry and texture data
  • Brightness and contrast for front and back of images can be set separately
  • The number of layers is freely selectable in each spatial direction
  • The calculation of even large point clouds is done with highest speed
  • Exportable preview file with integrated 3D viewer function