Starter kit - everything from a single source

With the cericom starter kit you receive high-quality all-round equipment that you can use both, stationary in your store and mobile at trade shows or other events.

When developing the c-jet laser system and our 3D camera c-cam, we placed particular emphasis on robustness, light weight, compact design and quick installation on site.

Exactly these 4 points are crucial for your enjoyment and benefit when using equipment from cericom. Last but not least, we attach great importance to good design that integrates smoothly everywhere and underlines the value of your business.

The cericom starter kit includes:

  • 3D laser system c-jet
  • c-control laser software for controlling the laser
  • stable and rollable transport case for your laser system
  • 3D camera system c-cam incl. lifting column and base (easy to dismantle)
  • crystalab software for camera control and creation of 2- or 3-dimensional photos
  • 1 roll of self-adhesive "invisible" special velvet as shooting background
  • 1 sturdy foldable bench made of solid wood
  • 1 robust and rollable transport case to protect the camera module
  • 1 cleaning and tool set

Optional accessories