Your business idea

Experience the fascination of laser crystal together with your customers. Thanks to the latest laser technology from cericom, you are now able to produce small and large works of glass art yourself.

Whether glass photos, 3D portraits or simply images and artistic designs in glass - any type of interior glass engraving is possible for you with our 3D laser machines. With a 3D laser system from cericom, you can implement your ideas cost-effectively, quickly and precisely. A photo in glass - whether 2- or 3-dimensional - is always an exciting gift idea.

As a promotional item, a 3D laser crystal is also a real eye-catcher and often remains present on the recipient's table and thus in the field of vision for years. A high-quality promotional item made of crystal is nothing that is thrown away carelessly - just like many other simple promotional gifts.

Rather, a creatively and originally designed laser crystal remains a valued and respected advertising medium for many years. There are also no limits to your creativity when it comes to souvenirs. With the help of our powerful crystalab pro software, you can realize high-resolution and vivid motifs.

  • 3D crystal image of a couple

  • Portrait of a baseball player

  • 3D crystal portrait

  • 3D model of a Harley in glass

  • 3D crystal golf trophy

Whether well-known buildings, an old airplane model, the Matterhorn or the favorite animals from a zoo - we are always able to burn the motives in large and small into different crystal shapes with the laser.

Open a crystal kiosk in a shopping mall or a webshop. Become a manufacturer of high quality promotional, souvenir and gift items - laser engraving of crystal glass is something special and stands out from the crowd of many long known products.

With a 3D engraving system from cericom, you can enclose anything imaginable inside glass forever. Whether it's a crystal photo in 3D or a two-dimensional laser image from a digital photo as a wedding gift, whether it's a valuable promotional gift or a chess set made of crystal glass - from now on, you'll be in charge and able to target your customers and markets with the right motive.